Quality Japanese & European cars exporter.

Welcome to Destino Co Ltd

Destino Co Ltd is a car exporter as well as a domestic sales possessing a maintenance factory and a workshop for body-works based on Yokohama, Fukuoka and Kagoshima, Japan. Since established as a car dealer in 1996, we have expanded our business not only domestic but also overseas sales based on our network of car business.

We, Destino Co Ltd., has upheld a tradition of excellence across our prestigious customers with a real understanding of their lifestyles and needs.

From the moment we receive your quote, we provide exceptional service, answer all your questions, consult on any car export subject. You just relax and we do the rest for you.

Our main service is as follows:

  • Negotiate and buy cars from car dealers located in any districts of Japan based on your request.
  • Purchase cars from car auctions on behalf of you. Provide you all information about cars before bidding.
  • Arranging inland transport to the nearest shipping yard.
  • Car condition check and test drive if required.
  • Taking pictures of car if required.
  • Arranging Pre-inspection before shipment if required. Ref. QISJ, JEVIC, etc.
  • Arranging shipment until your sea port.
  • Arranging surrender the B/L if required.
  • Arranging Marine Insurance if required.
  • English Translation for Export Certificate if required.
  • Sending shipping documents and car belongings by courier.
    1. As for shipment, we can arrange any methods flexibly, like freight prepaid, freight collect, Ro/Ro or container, based on your request.
    2. For customers in New Zealand and Australia, we can arrange “Door-to-Door service” through AUTOHUB.


English, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic

Payment Terms:

T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), L/C(Letter of Credit) or “Safe Trade” supported by JUMVEA

  • As for L/C, please be attention that we cannot provide any additional documents except:
    1. Commercial Invoice
    2. Export Certificate
    3. Bill of Lading
    4. Marine Insurance Policy
  • “Safe Trade” is an escrow service supported by JUMVEA.

Our advantage is One-Stop Service from purchasing a car till delivering to your sea port with the highest quality car-export service at a reasonable price. Our goal and philosophy are to build mutually beneficial relationships with our current and future customers for many years to come.